Level Up Software Development Analytics

Cauldron allows project managers, analysts, and developers to understand more about the community and processes involved in software development

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Cauldron is a SaaS analytics solution that allows users to aggregate information from multiple collaboration platforms as different types of data sources. Because software development is more than just code commits in a single repository, Cauldron allows users define which data sources to include in any analysis.

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Shareable Dashboards

"Collecting data is only the first step toward wisdom, but sharing data is the first step toward community" (Henry Louis Gates, Jr.). Cauldron allow users to share reports and metrics about software development.

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Free Open Source Software

Cauldron is free, open source software to allow users, contributors, and maintainers to use, study, share, and improve the software openly.

Supported data sources

Issue tracking

GitHub Issues, GitLab Issues (from GitLab, GNOME and KDE)

Source Code Review

GitHub Pull Requests, GitLab Merge Requests (from GitLab, GNOME and KDE)

Source Code Management


Meetings Management



StackExchange (StackOverflow and all available sites)